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BBall Stats+

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Утіліти Спорт
Розробник: HOLTEC
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Do you know how to keep basketball stats? Neither did I. Thats why I created BBall Stats+. It’s designed to be easy-to-use, intuitive yet powerful when it comes to the features it provides. With BBall Stats+ you will feel like a seasoned pro and look like one too, producing game, team and player reports in addition to keeping basic game stats. Thats because we do the work for you. You simply record the player actions like points and fouls using our simple and intuitive user interface, and we do all the calculations for you.

Don’t be fooled by our apps simplicity though. BBall Stats+ is perfect for dads, coaches, team managers. Here are some examples of what BBall Stats+ can do for each of these:

Dads, like me, can use BBall Stats+ to record your son or daughter’s performance for a game and over the entire season. Visually see how they are improving or what they need to work by looking at their game by game stats.

Coaches and team managers, you already know the benefits of keeping stat sheets and for most of us it’s part of the job. BBall Stats+ is your electronic stat book that you or your assistant can use to keep the books for one or both teams. You can also email the game stats as needed.

BBall Stats+ lets you setup team and player profiles so you can track statistics for each over the course of the season. You can view the statistics by game, team or player.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here is a detailed list of what BBall Stats+ will do:

Team Management
Create team and player profiles
Add a team logo or picture to profiles
Specify starting five

Game Setup
Specify home and visitor teams
Specify team colors
Specify game details like location, division, date, etc.
Configure game rules

Touch to change any statistic
Automatically calculates and tracks scores, bonus, timeouts, possession and periods,
Touch to substitute players
Unique interface allows for two handed operating

Overall games and individual game statistics
Team standings and individual team statistics
Overall players and individual player statistics
Statistics include game stats and averages
Email any statistics screen
PDF formatted statistics reports

Purchase BBall Stats+ and you won’t be disappointed. We aim to be the best so don’t hesitate to send us your ideas of what you would like to see in our app.

Check out our support website for more details and screen shots.